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Sunday brunch

every Sunday

11 am - 3 pm


We are pleased to invite you again to our unique summer brunch

in the Žofín Garden.

You can book your favorite Sunday ritual right now.

Chef Jakub Reichman with his team Stones catering

will continue to pamper you with great and delicious dishes.

Price per brunch per adult person is 1,970 CZK per person.

Price includes unlimited consumption of food, non-alcoholic beverages, prosecco, wine and beer during the entire event.

Possibility of free parking (limited capacity).

Price per child from 3 to 12 years is 560 CZK

Price per child from 13 to 17 years is 1590 CZK 
A children´s corner with babysitting

and program 2ND SUNDAY OF ADVENT

In creative workshop we'll make Christmas tree

and decorate spiced gingerbread + face / body painting.

*  Price per christmas lobster brunch / December 25th /

is 3.550,- per adult person

Price per child from 3 till  12 years 560,-

and from 13 till 17 years 2.890,-

On this day VOUCHER for Sunday brunch.


Brunch menu
10. 12. 2023 


Shrimp in cuttlefish tempura, lime mayonnaise

Foie gras with baked apples and cinnamon, bread chips

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, watercress

Roast beef with homemade tartare, arugula

Parma ham, truffle salami, parmesan, olive, dried tomato

Shrimp salad with apples and mayonnaise

Calamari salad with fennel, oranges and olives

Oysters, vinaigrette, shallot, lime

Beef tartare, toast, truffles


Veal broth with fava beans, chives, parsley oil

French onion with croutons and Gruyère cheese


A mix of Italian cheeses topped with nuts in honey and apricot jam


Sushi nigiri / salmon, tuna, shrimp /

Sushi maki / salmon, tuna, shrimp, cucumber, avocado /

California roll

Wasabi, soy sauce, ginger


Spaghetti Bolognese

Chicken steak with mashed potatoes


Baked chicken in Tandoori spices with yogurt

Beef picanha with parmesan

Roasted pork tenderloin in Parma ham

Prawns in lemon, garlic and butter with bread croutons

Salmon baked in papillota with tomatoes and zucchini

Sea bream baked in a salt crust with citrus

Grilled sea bass with herb gremolata


Ratté potatoes baked with garlic and parmesan

Baked vegetable raratouille

Gratin potatoes

Bean pods with bacon



Demi glace, mushroom sauce with truffles


Strawberries with mascarpone

Advent cupcakes

Vanilla Tiramisu

Panna Cotta with forest fruits

Fruits: pineapple, berries, cantaloupe,

grape wine, strawberries

Warm dessert:

French toast baked in butter with blueberries and mascarpone



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